12 High and Tight Men’s Haircut – Be Unique & Stylish

High and Tight Men's HaircutLet us guess, you are a guy bored with your latest style and particularly for a fresh trendy haircut that will shake things up this year? However, you happened to be in the right place at the right time, because here you get pictures of a high and tight haircut!

After researching hundreds of hairstyles we’ve found 40 perfect haircuts for women that are stylish, trendy, and easy to care for.

The high and tight haircut is as known a military haircut that is also popular with civilians.

These High and Tight Men’s Haircuts work for all face shapes and hair types. Below is a picture and information of 11 variations of this amazing style.

Best High and Tight Men’s Haircut

1) High and Tight + Bald Fade

High and Tight + Bald Fade

Tom Old

Looking for a sharp haircut that blends the hair on the sides and back into the skin for a daring finish? Then, the high and tight bald fade is one of the best ways for you. That is most popular for its unique look and it provides a high-contrast cut that looks great with short and long styles. If you have thick hair then it can hide a receding hairline. However, if you don’t want to shave your sides, this high and tight fade might be an appropriate selection for a professional look.

2) High and Tight + Line Up

High and Tight + Line Up

Nomad Barber LDN

This haircut for black hair also features a tape up for additional shaping at the forehead. However, it is very short sides and back the “high” and a line between longer hairs on top “the tight”.

3) Skin Fade Haircut

Skin Fade Haircut

Boar & Blade

This haircut can go all the way down to the skin. So, it will be a great option for the summer, because it is a very comfortable haircut.

On the other hand, the Skin Fade Haircut is an edgy men’s haircut that includes very short hair on the sides and back to accentuate the longer styling on top. Even the hairstyle can use for a personalized look and it will create a military-style without shaving your sides. However, if you want to level up your style, then the high and tight with a skin fade might be the right cut.

4) High and Tight Haircut For Curly Hair

High and Tight Haircut For Curly Hair

Kevin Luchmun

This hairstyle is perfect for curly hair, particularly kinky curly hair types. Its top is a little bit longer but stays tight at the sides. The High and Tight Haircut for Curly Hair is a curly hairstyle that favors men with curly hair. Even the hairstyle is minimal yet striking hairstyle.

5) Marine Haircut High And Tight

Marine Haircut High And Tight

Greg Zorian

The Marine Haircut High and Tight is a military haircut, mainly for Marines. If you follow this haircut you will get a professional look.

6) Modern Buzz Cut High And Tight Haircut

Modern Buzz Cut High And Tight Haircut

Mr. Fine Line

If you want more of a civilian high and tight, then it will be the right option for you. Because it drops down around the back of the neck.

There is no requirement to get a high and tight hairstyle for men. Get for Modern Buzz Cut High And Tight Haircut you need at least an inch of hair length on top of your head to avoid getting a simple buzz cut.

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However, when you want a functional and masculine hairstyle look then it will make a statement. That is perfect for straight, wavy, thick hair and this short cropped look offers a professional take on the classic buzz cut.

7) Very Short High And Tight Haircut

Very Short High And Tight Haircut

Dynasty Barbers

This hairstyle is like a military shape that has unique look.

8) High And Tight With A Drop Skin Fade

High And Tight With A Drop Skin Fade

Dynasty Barbers

The High and Tight with a Drop Skin Fade is a variation on the classic fade that will spice up any haircut and truly take it to the next level. This haircut is as known for the fade drops behind the ear. However, if you purchase this hairstyle you will get a clean look with a nice, even appearance.

9) Short Spiky High And Tight Haircut

Short Spiky High And Tight Haircut

Al Uppercut

Next up, we selected Short Spiky High and Tight Haircut that is into short spikes for some flattering volume.

Do you want the best men’s spiky haircut? This haircut emerged onto the scene in the 90s and instantly became one of the most famous haircuts for men. So, most of the guys looking for the hottest way to style a spiked haircut that is very trendy again. That is great for short spiky hair to medium length and long styles.

10) High And Tight For Wavy Hair

High And Tight For Wavy Hair

Dan ‘Hudson’ Frangiamore

Nowadays, there are many high and tight haircuts available for men as they are for men and we are not trying to exaggerate here. However, this hairstyle is a low-maintenance cut for wavy hair with just enough length for some texture to show through.

11) Sponge Curls + Bald Fade

Sponge Curls + Bald Fade

Tariq Nevar

This style is for guys who like balder fade looks. However, most African Americans due to the natural texture and thickness of their hair.

How do you ask for a high and tight haircut?

Get for a proper high and the tight haircut you ask your barber for your specific design. These haircuts are really easy to get in barbershops – just you need to confirm for a high and tight. But, if you’re worried, why not take along some reference pictures so you can show your stylist exactly what you have in mind? In this review, we already share many types of haircut styles and you can quickly scroll through them before the clippers touch your head.

Should I get a high and tight haircut?

The high and tight haircut is a style commonly worn by the military, particularly section leaders. That is an excellent hairstyle for any man looking for a conservative, professional style that’s low-maintenance yet trendy enough to stand out. But with so many high and tight cut variations out there (at least six, if not double that), it can be difficult to choose the best one for your face shape.

In conclusion

Finally, a high and tight haircut with a beard is great for guys who want to look a little more masculine. This is one of the most popular haircuts, which want to give off the impression of toughness. You can easily get it touch-up at home, as well.