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Bestseller No. 1
DISENS 12 Holes Ocarina Ceramic Alto C Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Instrument Flute (Green)
  • Ideal Birthday Gift: It is easy to learn. People can learn it well in a short period of time.Perfect for the beginners and Zelda fans.
  • High-quality materials: This ocarina is made from the highest standard of kiln-fired ceramic which makes it smooth and bright on the surface. It will be a great gift for you or for the Legend of Zelda fans.
  • Beautiful Sound: This musical instrument can provide you high quality of sounds.
  • Great Decorations: It has a cool and fashionable design which can also decorate your house.
  • All-in-one: Package Include 1 * Ocarina, 1 * Storage Bag, 1 * Music Book, 1 * Box,1 *Hand Care
Bestseller No. 2
TOTMC Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Triforce Link 12 Hole Alto C Mediant Tone Ocarina Zelda Cosplay Ceramic Replica + Textbook
  • This handcrafted ocarina is a high-quality, kiln-fired ceramic instrument tuned by professional
  • An easy-to-learn piece which can be mastered in a short period of time, with the ability to spend years
  • The Ocarina is the perfect instrument to practice techniques and articulations, rhythms, speed
  • Our 12-Hole Ceramic Ocarina is finely glazed in a beautiful dark cobalt blue, detailed with a metallic
  • Pitch: A4-F6 including sharps and flats
Bestseller No. 3
Brand New Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 12 Hole Alto Triforce Link Ocarina Zelda Cosplay Ceramic Exclusive Replica by Awef (Dark Blue)
  • High-quality, kiln-fired ceramic instrument. Beautiful, accurate craftsmanship with tri-force symbol
  • Our 12-Hole Ceramic Ocarina is finely glazed in a beautiful dark blue, detailed with a metallic.
  • Fully chromatic ocarina can make beautiful and natural sound, because it is tuned by professional for three times.
  • It is the perfect instrument to practice techniques and articulations, rhythms and speed, an easy-to-learn piece, makes for a perfect gift.
  • Comes with neck-strap cord,a music book and a protective bag.NO stand included..
Bestseller No. 4
Mr.Power 12 Holes Ocarina Alto C Flute Occarina Taps Blue Ceramic/Clay stl Orcarina Inspired of Time With Bag
  • 12 Hole Alto C
  • Pitch: A4-F6 including sharps and flats
  • Material:Kiln-fired Ceramic
  • Made of kiln-fired ceramic
  • Comes with neck-strap cord, a music book and a protective bag
SaleBestseller No. 5
"Cheffort" 12 Hole Ocarina From Legend of Zelda,alto C Ocarina with Protective Bag,Buy zelda ocarina,12 hole zelda ocarina,ocarina of time,Ocarina Play by Link in Zelda
  • Length: 6 inches or 15.25 cm
  • Width: 4.3 inches or 11 cm
  • Material:Kiln-fired Ceramic
  • Zelda Triforce Ocarina Pouch.A nice ocarina strap.
  • A Songbook and finger chart.
Bestseller No. 6
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, 12 Hole Ocarina Alto C w/Song Book, Display Stand, Protective Bag, Cord, Blue
  • 【Rigorous Raw Materials Selection】-- This handcrafted ocarina is a high-quality, kiln-fired ceramic instrument match with a beautiful and durable glaze, tuned by professional musicians to giving you a better sense of hearing, vision and touch
  • 【Improve Multiple Skills】-- It is a perfect instrument tool for practicing articulations, rhythm, speed, note transition and different music styles. When you play the ocarina for a long time, you will find that vital capacity and finger sensitivity will be improved a lot
  • 【Easy To Play】-- Without any music basis, only 10 minutes to learn a song because of the music sheet have very visual instructions which made it very easy to pick up and start playing. Best festival gift for kids, adults, old,beginners, professionals and bands
  • 【5 in 1】-- It comes with a fingering chart and a legend of zelda song book to practice, string to have the instrument around your neck, a protective bag and even a little stand to keep the ocarina on display
  • 【Portable Wind Instrument】-- Unlike other large instruments, ocarina can be carried around, portable for performance, recording, family, outdoor, school, party, and relaxation
Bestseller No. 7
Classic 12 Hole Ceramic Ocarina Ice Crack White Ocarina Alto C Ocarina by OcarinaWind®
  • ✔ ALL INCLUDE: Comes with neck-strap cord,a songbook include Zelda songs and finger chart, OcarinaWind protective pouch.
  • ✔ FIT YOUR HAND :Length is 7 inches and Width is 4.3 inches
  • ✔ WELL CRAFTED: The ocarina is made of the highest standard of kiln-fired crack ceramic with a smooth and bright surface. It is a hand crafted and fine tuned musical flute instrument but not a children's toy.
  • ✔ HEALTH GUARANTEE: Each ocarina OcarinaWind sell is lead free promised.
  • ✔ WELL TUNE: We make tune test twice on every ocarina before we sell it. We promise you to receive a musical flute instrument but not a children’s toy. Pitch is A4-F6 including sharps and flats
SaleBestseller No. 8
"Forest Whisper" 12 Hole Ocarina Classic Straw fire Masterpiece Collectible,Alto C Ceramic Ocarina,Highly Recommended By Shop Owner of OcarinaWind Music Instrument Gift Idea
  • PLEASANT SOUND and WELL TUNED: The Forest Whisper 12 hole Ocarina was tuned by an excellent tuner to ensure that each tone reaches the standard before firing. This Ocarina is burned in a high-temperature kiln with natural straw, so it will have a slightly smoky smell, which is natural. In addition, straw fire craft can make the sound of the flute more gentle and easier to blow.
  • ABOUT HIGH NOTES: Many customers' big concern when buying an Ocarina is the problem of high notes.Some poorly crafted Ocarinas often have severe airy high notes, or even blow out, or have poor pitch. Regarding this problem, we have made targeted improvements to ensure that high notes can be easily blown out and ensure its good pitch. Note:For the highest 2 notes,you may blow gentle to make the voice out.
  • EASY TO LEARN:Considering that many children are learning to play the Ocarina, our Ocarina can make a pleasant sound even if it is lightly blown. Our SONGBOOK contains the Ocarina fingering tutorial, which can enable you to master the playing skills in a very short time. There are a lot of simple songs for you to learn, and it also contains LEGEND OF ZELDA SONGS FOR ZELDA FANS.
  • ALL-IN-ONE:This 12 hole Ocarina Comes with high quality beaded neck-strap ,a sheet music with several legend of zelda songs and an “OcarinaWind” protective bag.
  • UNIQUE GIFT IDEA: Since this ocarina instrument is easy to learn, it is a wonderful gift idea for any festival or occasion,espessially as chrismas gift. Whether it is self-study, performance, or teaching, it is a very suitable instrument. Coupled with the unique smoky straw fire process, the Ocarina received by each customer is unique. If you want to buy a unique gift, this Ocarina will be a good choice.
Bestseller No. 9
Ocarina - professional musical wind ocarina instrument 12-hole - Precision Plastic - Alto C - three colors available - Legend of Zelda Ocarina Time
  • ❓ Why buy a plastic Ocarina instead of ceramic?: Plastic can be molded with precision whereas ceramic can change during the firing process and the notes and pitch can become off tune.
  • 📏 Accurate Tune & Pitch: Manufactured to the highest standards using advanced technology, our Ocarina gives you a full range from Low A to High F and all the sharps and flats in between.
  • ✅ BPS & BPA free. Meets or exceeds domestic or international standards.
  • 👍 Feels good in your hand with great balance. Large or small fingers will find our Ocarina comfortable.
  • 🎨 Available in 3-colors: Gold, Purple and Beige
Bestseller No. 10
”Joy of Wood Thrush” 12 Hole Alto C Ceramic Ocarina in Exquisite Craft (Gradient Blue)
  • 12 hole ocarina, exquisite ceramic craft
  • Professional musical instrument produces range of octave and 6th
  • It is tuned stictly and features the tone that is mellow and pure
  • It's perfect for every player whether you're a beginner or pro
  • Comes with a songbook, neck strap and carrying case

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