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Best Sanyork Fair Trade Ocarinas – Top 10 Reviews

Thereviews.guide offers a high-quality product for competitive prices. Actually our main goal is customer satisfaction, which we obtain the allocation of ongoing service and support. The sanyork fair trade ocarinas is excellent and they provide just as great. We believe that any of the sanyork fair trade ocarinas is just as good it is all down to choice and it is again EXCELLENT.

If you love your time, we will make it fill you more than you would have ever imagined. When you choose the best sanyork fair trade ocarinas for your needs.

Bestseller No. 1
Four Pack Set 4 Sizes Ocarina Clay Whistles Assortment Hand Painted Sanyork Fair Trade
  • Clay Painted Whistles Set of Four (4 pack in 4 sizes!!!)
  • By Porfidio Caquaquin Original Pre-Packaged w/ Story Card each
  • Large 4.5", Medium 3", Small 2" & mini 1.5" (4 pieces)
  • Four Ocarina variety Fair Trade Items from Peru
  • Oldest musical instrument of the Americas unmatched price value!!!
Bestseller No. 2
Five Hand Painted Ocarina Whistle Set Fair Trade-Peru Sanyork (TM)
  • Clay Hand painted Ocarina Whistle Set of 5
  • Individually Packaged
  • Plays like a flute and easy to learn
  • Story Card Included
  • Pisac Cuzco Designs by Porfidio Ccaquaqi
Bestseller No. 3
12 One Dozen 2.25" Ocarina Whistles Wholesale Pack Peru Hand Made Sanyork Fair Trade
  • Ocarina Whistles Clay Hand Painted 12 Pack at Wholesale
  • Pre-Packaged in Plastic Bag with Instructions and Story Card
  • 2.25" Assortment in Multiple Colors with Geometric Designs
  • Easy to Play and Lots of Fun with This Peruvian Instrument
  • Assorted Colors Available Packaged For Resale
Bestseller No. 4
One Small 2.5" Ocarina Musical Instrument Clay Whistle Hand Painted Sanyork Fair Trade
  • Sanyork Clay Painted Whistle Ocarina Instrument.
  • By Porfidio Caquaquin Original artisan from Peru.
  • Small 2.5" Diameter Pre-Packaged w/ Story Card
  • Great Native Instrument, Easily Played like a Flute.
  • Oldest musical instrument of the Americas fairly traded in Peru.
Bestseller No. 5
Gourd Owl Carved Maraca, Ocarina & Pan Flute Set Fair Trade Peru Hand Made
  • Hand carved set of owl maraca, pan flute and ocarina by Sanyork Fair Trade.
  • Great musical instruments with crisp sound for children
  • Skillfully carved with fine traditional detail in Peru
  • Fair traded items by Luz Laureano Andean musician and gourd artist
  • No power tools used to carve and assemble this fine set
Bestseller No. 6
One Ocarina Clay Chirping Whistle Rooster Flute Sanyork Hand Made~Peru Packaged New 004392
  • New hand made clay chirping whistle bird in a sealed pack
  • Assortment of colors hand made in Peru
  • Add Water and Blow into the Whistle to Chirp
  • Add Soap to Blow Bubbles, great sound!
  • Beautiful Hand Crafted Item by Sanyork Fair Trade
Bestseller No. 7
Ocarina Clay Whistles Hand Painted Fair Trade
  • Clay Painted Whistles Pair
  • By Porfidio Caquaquin Original
  • Large 4.5" Diameter Pre-Packaged w/ Story Card
  • Fair Trade Item from Peru
  • Oldest musical instrument of the Americas
Bestseller No. 8
Ocarina Geometric Whistles Flutes Collector's Pack Assortment 4 Pieces Set
  • Fair Trade woven in Sanyork Fair Trade Studio
  • Designed by artist Renee Womack
  • Assortment of 4 original hand painted desgns
  • Great collection of ocarina whistles each individually packaged
  • The oldest and most primitive musical instrument in the Americas
Bestseller No. 9
One Ocarina 2" & One Flute 5" Combo Pack Set Peru Fair Trade Hand Made
  • Clay Hand painted Ocarina Whistle and Flute Combo Pack
  • Individually Packaged Ocarinas and Tarka Flute from Peru
  • Plays like a flute and easy to learn with instructions included
  • Story Card Included with info about Ocarina and Flute.
  • Pisac traditional Cuzco Designs by Porfidio Ccaquaqi
Bestseller No. 10
Cusco QT-04 Ocarina - Set of 4
  • Includes four medium size oval shape ocarinas
  • Hand-crafted from the finest native clay with hand-painted Andean decorations
  • Variety of authentic hand-painted designs—each one different and exquisitely beautiful
  • Elegant finish and sweet, mellow tone make this affordable set an outstanding value
  • To learn more, please see our Product Description below

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